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Retouching and Photo-Editing - Restoration

South Devon Photography was formerly a photographic service and while it still is for some jobs, I now primarily focus on retouching, editing and some restoration work. My editing is most suited to glamour style pictures, but I am happy to undertake other styles. I offer a fast turnaround time on most jobs. I also do this at very competitive prices. For example, a simple retouch from an image emailed to me and emailed back is likely to be no more than £5. Obviously, other, more complicated jobs will be more, but not necessarily a lot more. This applies to colour images and if a suitable image, you will also get a copy converted to black and white at no extra cost.


My editing is aimed to give a finish similar to that seen in the samples link above. In order to achieve this, I require a high resolution image, preferably as photographed, in either RAW or JPG format.


Images sent to me MUST be yours to have altered or manipulated, alternatively, you must be able to show me permission from the copyright owner, usually the photographer.

Any enquiries welcome, single images or more.

MOBILE PHONE photographs welcome.


Tel: 01803 665991

Mobile 07815 491454