Matt Harper - Retouching

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For a price, please contact me via the Contact page and I will email you.   I will need the original image in high resolution, preferably as it was photographed, letting me know the type of finish you would like.   If you cannot specify the type of finish, I can apply the finish I would if it was my own picture.  I will then reply with the price and how to pay. I may have already edited it and will send you a proof, with a pretty heavy watermark and if you are happy, you make the payment and then receive your high resolution finished copy.  Remember, you must own the image you are intending to submit for alterations or be able to provide proof of permission.


For restoration of old photographs, I will need it or them to copy, prior to repair. Prices are from £15.00.


Contact me for more information or a quote.   Obviously, I will need to see what is required to give an accurate price, but a guide price is likely to be accurate.


Please use the contact page, linked above, or call me on 07815 491454